Parts Catalogues, Workshop Manuals, Owner’s Handbooks etc

Parts Catalogues

I sell a lot of these as they are useful on several levels, apart from the obvious one of identifying part numbers.

Exploded views of every part of the car can be very useful when putting things back together!  They are also well worth collecting as a bit of our motoring history.

Tip: Haynes manuals often use the same illustrations, but without giving the part numbers. If you need to order a part and you’re not sure what it’s called, give me the details from your Haynes manual and I can refer to mine. )

A list of parts catalogues can be downloaded here as an Excel file or here as a PDF file

I don’t keep many Workshop Manuals as most of the ones I come across are in very poor, dirty condition. Another consideration is they constantly refer to special tools, many of which are now unobtainable!  Personally, I find Haynes manuals more useful.  However, I do keep a few,  but only if they are in good clean condition.

Owner’s Handbooks are those little booklets designed to go in the glovebox.  Unlike ones for modern cars, which give you tyre pressures and not much else, you can carry out a major service using these!  They also look nice when the concours judges come round to assess your car!  Most of the ones I sell are new or “as new” condition.

A list of owner's handbooks can be downloaded here as an Excel file or here as a PDF file