About the business

The Humble Beginnings  Mick Dolphin Classic Triumph Spares began as a very small part-time business in 1989, although my personal connections with Triumphs go back to the late ‘Sixties. (if you really want to know more about my love/hate relationship with the marque, click here.)

The intention was to help Triumph owners keep their cars on the road by supplying hard-to-find original new parts, at affordable prices.

At that time most ex-Triumph dealers had already stopped stocking parts for the older cars, and the availability of parts from Rover was tailing off rapidly. Specialists were just starting to reproduce parts for the more exciting models, but others were neglected, notably the front-wheel drive cars.  Many nice examples of the 1300FWD must have been scrapped for the want of vital spares.

The New Millennium…  Now, we are well into the the 21st century, I am still running a small part-time business selling new genuine Triumph parts…The main difference is, I have more stock, and more people are getting to hear of my service, either by word of mouth, my limited advertising, or via this website.

Small is Beautiful (I have to say that…) One reason why the business is still small is that I refuse to go down the route of selling pattern, remanufactured, or spurious parts in order to boost turnover.

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